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Empower your business with the power of no-code: Build, manage and deliver your content everywhere, effortlessly with our SaaS platform

Some of our features:

  • A headless CMS to connect multiple data sources and expose API endpoints
  • A no-code tool to build APIs

Clients and partners

Multi Database Manager

Dapta includes a CMS that can be connected with any database. You'll never have to code another internal admin dashboard.

No-Code API Builder

Create API endpoints with custom business logic and expose them to any client frontend.


Dapta allows for custom workflows to be developed on top of our platform.

Connect any Frontend

Our partners provide UX and frontend teams to


Try it out yourself!

We do all the backend heavy lifting for you

Dapta is a powerful no-code backend that enables users to deploy and manage servers, connect multiple data sources to aggregate and transform data, and create business logic APIs easily.

Build your backend in a fast and scalable platform with Dapta.

Multi-Database Manager

One of the most time consuming and inefficient processes for companies developing custom software is developing internal tools, mainly admin dashboards for any of their platforms.

Our platform includes a Content Management System that can be connected to any database.

Never again spend precious development hours coding an admin panel.

No-Code API Builder

With our no-code API builder you can create API endpoints with custom business logic and expose them to any client frontend.

We have created some general use templates that can be customized for your company's needs.

Plus, you can create your own custom workflows with little to no code required.

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